Temp Project

Hey there - I’m Ian.

You know when you start a new project and can’t think of a name, and instead call it temp or something?

For me, these projects start with the best of intentions, but usually come when I’m working on something else I thought was exciting. So, of course, I ditch that project I made progress on, create a sparkling new directory (oh, how I love a brand new directory) and dive into this new distraction only for the cycle to repeat.

The result is a bunch of projects with names like temp-project_2022-02-22_v1 with no other description (definitely no comments either). So, if I ever decide to revist such a project, I’m left wading through some half-baked code just until a new idea pops into my head, causing me to create yet another new directory.

However, this time something different happened - this time I intentionally called it Temp Project.

What I’m doing here

Well, I’m not quite sure yet.

First thing is I wanted to get a site of my own - start getting my thoughts on paper (or digital) somehow. So, I think first and foremost this is a way for me to journal my thoughts.

Secondly, I want to create a website that hosts a bunch of these temp projects, potentially motivating me to finish them, or get them to a point where “Yeah, I guess it works” is a satisfying conclusion. If any of them make money, awesome; however, I think I have come around to learn that I need to get through a volume of work before it starts getting any good.[1]

This is my volume.