When Is The Right Time To Quit

20 Dec 2022

Quitting is a topic that has multiple feelings associated with it depending upon the situation.

One feelings is a sense of freedom: “I’ve quit that thing that’s been holding me down”. This kind of quitting feels good to the bones like eating chicken soup when you have a cold.

The other kind of feeling is bittersweet and almost reluctant. This kind of quitting is never black and white; it’s a kind of quitting that somehow gives both staying and quitting benefits.

To think about it a bit more objectively, this quitting is an opportunity cost equation: “Am I going to be better off if I quit this thing?”

Traditionally, I’ve been on the side of cut loose and move on; there’ll be more. But lately, I’ve been thinking, maybe I should stick it out and see if there’s something over this hill I’m climbing - something that doesn’t just make me feel like I’m Sisyphus with the boulder.