97 Days

21 Dec 2022

I’ve been reading more and more lately. More of other people’s words. More of other people’s thoughts, ideas, concepts, opinions, and tangents. And I have started to wonder how their voice comes through so clearly - how they seem to just make words connect to each other, and I believe it just comes down to the fact that they have been doing it more, and for longer than I have.

So, here’s the start for me to become more regular in my own musings; develop my own voice, my own style of writing, and clarify my own thoughts into the aether.

100 days is too round of a number, let’s try 97 days. (It’s also prime, so it’s got that going for it) So, by checks notes March 28, 2023, I should have 96 blog posts in addition to this one.

Gaining clarity of thought is my goal, and maybe I’ll find some other things along the way.