Back To Simplicity

23 Dec 2022

Lately, there seems to be a growing energy around bring simplicity back to the web. For instance, just today, on the top of HN, were two posts about RSS feeds and bringing them back.[0][1]

I’ve also seen a growing number of blog posts fromBearblogwhich, had I not already made this blog, I’d happily use its interface (I’m actually considering transitioning, but haven’t pulled the trigger just yet). It’s “bear” bones. Just text. No fluff. It isn’t trying to use data. It respects you as a user.

I found this is the case for a growing number of companies. They’re focusing on being the antithesis of what’s currently seen in big tech. They thrive off being the ones that don’t track you, don’t try to scam you, and really just represent good business. One of my favorites, and one that I use on my projects, isPlausible. They make analytics simple with a position starkly opposed to how Google does it. They respect their users. Add a script to your site and you’re done. It’s private, so no need for GDPR banners or anything. It’s fantastic and it just works.

This trend of returning to the roots of the internet, towards the simplicity, doesn’t feel like it’s going backwards - it feels as though we’ve learned lessons along the way and have become more appreciative of the pureness of the simpler aspects of the web.

[0] This is the year of the RSS reader

[1] It’s time for an RSS revival