29 Dec 2022

I’ve been making dumplings at home more recently (pork dumplings, to be exact, but that’s neither here nor there). And I’ve been finding them to be a wondrous joy to make. Taking the time to experiment, practice making the “perfect” dumpling, and using my hands to make something tangible with an immediate pay-off culminates in a rich, human experience.

I’ve started to become aware of brands of wrappers that are better than others because they can’t be pinched as easily, have a little too much flour, or aren’t as stretchy as others.

I’ve discovered some techniques on how best to stuff the dumplings to not leave too much wrapper left over or overstuff them.

I’ve even started to figure out how to make them a bit more decorative with folds.

Granted, these dumplings are not as pretty as the ones you find in a restaurant, but they’re mine - and that makes all the difference.