Year Of Simplicity

01 Jan 2023

I walked along the water today and took time to look ahead to the new year. It was uncharacteristically warm for this time of year, but because of the wind, I wore a coat anyways.

During the walk, I had a realization of how deeply my physical health is linked to my mental health. “Duh”, you might being saying, and it’s true I knew it is intricately linked as well, but I had somehow forgotten that connection existed.

I’ve lost weight and gained weight over the years. Overall, I’m still down more than 80 pounds from my heaviest, but I’ve let myself slip this past year, gaining another 40 or so. I feel it physically, of course: I run out of breath a bit easier, my clothes are tighter, I sweat a bit more. It absolutely fucking sucks.

But I don’t think I fully embraced the mental effects being physically unhealthy can have. It seems as though clouds are always over my head, I don’t look in mirrors much, and I often become suspicious of someone complimenting my appearance.

This year, though, I’ve decided is my Year of Simplicity and I am embracing the fact that I can become healthy and happy with my body.

Simplicity will take a variety of forms and meanings as the year progresses, but I am first starting by simplifying how I approach my health. With respect to my diet, I will simplify what I eat, when I eat, and how much I eat. Simple foods, no processed foods (paleo might be the closest, but I don’t want to place it into a bucket).

I’m also simplifying how I exercise - going back to my regular gym regimen. Lift weights, place them down. Do some cardio. Play some ice hockey. Lift, move, rest.

I think back to the periods of time I was doing this well, and those were the most productive, active, and positive times in my life. For some reason, I never attributed my emotions of those periods to the fact that my health was in check, but damn does it make sense now.

Here’s to simplicity.

Here’s to health.