Elixir And Phoenix

02 Jan 2023

As I have been learning Elixir, it was only natural that I discovered thePhoenix Framework along with it.

At first glance, it seems sort of similar to Django with a MVC framework (or a MVT, or MVCT - you get it), but with the added benefit of being built on top of a much more concurrent language, Elixir (which, in turn, is built upon Erlang). This means that channels and presence essentially fall out of the framework - this is awesome.

I previously read through the blog by Uku Taht of Plausible on histechnology choices and he also went with Phoenix and Elixir for similar reasons. Given that Plausible is open-source, I plan to take a look through the codebase to learn a bit more.

In addition, I am using Elixir to make a new project,Indie Comp Jobs. It might seem a bit overkill for such an idea, but I definitely want to dip my toes into this technology as I can already see it becoming huge across the industry. Also, it looks like a PaaS, Fly.io, is built on-top of Phoenix with extensive support. So, once I become more familiar with the language & framework, it would not only be easier to make performant web apps, but deploying them will be a breeze.