07 Jan 2023

Okay, so the date is a bit of a lie on this post. It is technically the morning of January 8th - but what even is time, really? Go a couple light-hours away (maybe to Neptune or Pluto) and it’ll still be January 7th in the observer’s eyes. As they say “it’s January 7th somewhere”.

Anyways, I got caught up in the day and slipped a bit on posting for he first time - a blip.

The thing about blips for me is that they, most of the time, result in me completely abandoning the thing I have been doing for weeks, in this case blogging. But this is the first time that I really took notice of this pattern. And here I am, doing it again. It was a blip. And that’s okay. I think I need to be a bit more forgiving of myself for these blips.

To blip is human; to forgive, divine.