My Abstract Expressionism

10 Jan 2023

There’s been this idea swirling in my head, where I can’t quite see the full shapes just yet. The raw colors are there, but the subject, the meat of the thing still escapes me - like it is some piece of abstract expressionism.

It’s reaching out from my bones.

I feel it during my walks in the city.

With every time I look at my phone.

Every time I wish to both connect and disconnect.

Every time I wish to do something more with my hands, be more human, make use of the fact that I am a product of evolution and be reminded of the fact that the technology we have is not fully evolved for me.

Why can’t using technology be as calming as breathing in the fresh air near a still lake?

Why can’t using technology be as comforting as eating the first warm bowl of soup when you have a cold?

Why can’t using technology be as uplifting like getting hit by the first rays of sun in Spring?

Why has it become that I need to escape from technology? Did we ever need to escape from hammers, from cars, from refrigerators?

I’m frustrated.

But I feel like the painting is becoming clearer every day with each new brushstroke.