Letting The Domain Lead The Way

13 Jan 2023

I saw a post a while ago titled “I sell onions on the internet” and I have been thinking about it a lot lately. In short, the author, Peter, lets domains lead the way for his businesses. One day he purchased the domain VidaliaOnions.com and dived into the world of Vidalia onions, creating a great business for himself selling those onions directly to consumers and partnering with farms.

I love this story.

It shows the kind of power that technology can have on everyday people, on everyday things, and how even niche things, like Vidalia onions, have a borderline overenthusiastic crowd associated with them.

I’d love to give this a go, so I am going to keep an eye out for the domain auctions and see what interesting names pop up. Maybe I might just strike it lucky as well and let the domain lead the way.