Wrong Stop; Good Trip

15 Jan 2023

In Boston, every weekend we have $10 all-you-can-ride tickets for the commuter trains. It’s a great, inexpensive way to get out of the city. Today’s activity was to take the train, head south a bit, and then go for a hike, maybe something with a bit of a view.

We got off the train to find ourselves in a sort of cookie-cutter town on the Boston outskirts. You know the kind - the 5-over-1 apartments, with the single grocery store, a few generic restaurants, a Michael’s, and a Yankee Candle.

Walking just the expanse of this single parking lot is close to half a mile - pure American bigness, eh? We wanted to grab a quick snack before heading off to hike.

But it turns out, we couldn’t cross the interstate to get to the park. We’d either have to take an Uber, or walk nearly 4 hours. So, we decided to just try a smaller park around - but there was construction.

So, there we were, getting whipped by the cold wind, in an industrial park, in a town I can confuse with hundreds of others, and we decided to just call it a day.

On the way back, we grabbed a pair of WoodWick candles from that single Yankee Candle ‘cause they were half-off (the bergamot and basil is quite delightful).

Anyways, it was a good trip anyways because it was memorable.