Data Blogging

26 Jan 2023

If you haven’t seen it, there’s this great site calledThe Pudding. Their visualizations and data-based story telling is truly unique.

I looked at their videos that showed how they went about their creative process - it seems a lot of it is in Svelte, with D3.js. I became interested in whether or not there existed a blogging platform out there that would allow quicker publishing of such stories.

It turns out, there are not that much out there.

I think I would like to start blogging with more data-centric ideas, maybe as a way to find interesting themes, work on my technical writing, and use my data analysis strengths.

Plus good data visualizations are chef’s kiss.

So, I think I will start to make a platform that fits my needs first. A way to upload data relevant to certain text, maybe some nice animations tied to scrolling, etc. Something that would truly allow such journalism to flourish a bit. I’m thinking something along the lines of Ghost, but for data visualization writing.

No idea how to get started, but I will look a bit more into it tomorrow.