Chasing Distraction

21 Feb 2023

I’ve have begun to ascribe to the notion that letting the mind drift, following the interests that seem to grab me by the ear and pull me along, have always resulted in new-found knowledge and outlook.

Take, for instance, my current little project. It is, at it’s core, a flashcard app that will help me learn Korean. But along the way, I have thus far dived into research papers concerning:

On my last project, Rotabulary (which I’ll do a writeup about soon), I dove into puzzle making. Trying to understand what makes a game “fun”, but not too challenging that the fun disappears. I learned about the history of word games, number games, the set ofNikolipuzzles (which include Sudoku, Slitherlink, and tons of others I’ve never even heard about).

I think I have a deep addiction to this sort of task. Just absolutely diving to the depths of a fields, rustling around in the roots, and dreaming about what sort of problems exist there.

It almost becomes obsessive. It’s all I begin to think about, talk about, research - until someday, something else takes over. It can be quite fleeting. With the space in between making me feel like I am in no-mans-land without purpose. Until I finally have another idea, and repeat the process over again.

I love it.