The Tools

27 Feb 2023

Decided to watch the movie Stutz, which is about Jonah Hill’s therapist, Phil Stutz. He’s a well-known therapist in Hollywood, but that was the first I’ve ever heard of him. And frankly, the ideas presented are going to help me change things.

Even from just watching, hearing the phrasing about the Shadow, and relating to Hill that my shadow is a younger, overweight self, it finally clicked to have compassion for that self. It is a part of me. My Shadow would feel bad for how I have thought of him. I feel bad for thinking of him the same way others may have thought of him, despite knowing him the best.

I also downloaded his two audio books, The Tools and Coming Alive, written with Barry Michels. I plan to take these tools into practice.

It’ll take a bit of adjustment to the language, which frankly sounds a little loopy. But hey, most ideas sound loopy before you try them. Especially the good ones.