16 Mar 2023

One of my friends told me about a quote:

Take breaks, not stops

I took a break from writing everyday. I found I became very in my head, tossing things around that, while yes they were good to get down, made me ruminate too much and put me into a bit of a hole.

I’m back now and feeling refreshed.

I have a trip to Italy in less than two weeks, where I hope to make my sense of self even more whole.

A new idea has been stuck in my brain, one about learning. It is similar to the flashcard project idea I had, but a little more expansive. I’ll create a post of that separately.

Other benefits that I have noticed about myself have been that I have not stepped on the scale once. It has brought a new kind of peace to myself. Where I don’t tie myself to a number and don’t let it define me. I have been going to the gym, feeling stronger each day, eating better, and embracing the difference day by day.

I have to remind myself that this is my year of simplicity. My year of embracing how simple things can prove the most enjoyable - how the simple things are the ones that end up making me happier all around.