Next steps for your application to

14 Aug 2023

Hi there, {applicant}!

We’re so happy that you expressed your interest in joining — the leading AI company transforming the {industry} industry (and is definitely not just an API call to OpenAI)!

We have received your application and are happy to move you on to the first round which is a take-home assignment which shouldn’t take you more than 2-3 weeks. We hope you have as much fun completing it as we have had designing it! It’s designed to test a variety of skills such as:

We’ve attached the prompt for the first round to this email, it’s a quick 22 page read to give you sufficient background into the problem. (Hint: don’t forget the quirk on page 17!).

The expected output is a report document that is expected to contain UML diagrams, Figma wireframes, burndown charts of your progress, a picture of a pony, and a detailed document of your approach and reasoning for each line of code. Additionally, we expect the project to be completed in both python 2.7 and 3.11 - we advise creating a docker image of your project so we can run it on our end.

To give you a peek at the rest of the process - we’ve optimized it for speed since we are urgently hiring. So, if you are deemed worthy enough to pass the first stage, the rest of the interview process will look like the following (subject to change):

  1. Recruiter phone screen to go over your resume [30 min]
  2. Live coding and behavioral interview [60 min]
  3. Chat with Product Manager [45 min]
  4. Second take-home assignment [2-3 weeks]
  5. Review of first and second take-home assignments [10 min]
  6. Behavioral interview with principal engineer [30 mins]
  7. Third take-home assignment [2-3 weeks]
  8. Presentation of third take-home to hiring panel [3 hours]
  9. Meet and greet with other engineers [60 min]
  10. 2 month paid working trial [2 months]
  11. Chat with CPO [60 mins]
  12. Wait 2 weeks while we see if there is someone else [2 weeks]
  13. Offer!

We’ve carefully crafted all 13 steps above to help make the process easy and ensure that there is a good fit — the hiring process goes both ways, after all!

Due to the high volume of applicants, we can’t guarantee that we’ll get back to you with detailed feedback of your take-home assignment, but we’ll make sure to maybe skim some of the first page.

Thanks again for your interest in! We can’t wait to have you on board.