Tossing Out The Cupcakes

02 Nov 2023

Last Friday we hosted a Halloween party. As expected, all of our friends brought food, in addition to the food that we bought for the party: cupcakes, Oreos, chips, pretzels, candy, candy corn, and a ton of booze.

Well, it seems that everyone was mostly craving savory things (chips, pretzels, etc.) and not so much sweet things (cupcakes, candy). So, we were left with all of that the next day.

I found myself going to the kitchen multiple times to nibble on a double-stuff Oreo or two. A cupcake at noon and after dinner.

And then I caught myself – what am I doing? Why am I eating this?

I didn’t feel any joy from eating these things. I have been struggling with weight and I am just fighting against myself here.

So, I went to the kitchen, grabbed a trash bag, and one after another began tossing out the cupcakes and cookies that were left. I didn’t want them in my sight or in the house because I just couldn’t resist them.

I felt good about getting it out of the house and would rather toss it out than put it in my body anymore.

It was a good step forward for me and felt like a stake in the ground that I have had enough of how I’m eating.