27 Oct 2023

I’m traveling soon. World travels. Maybe for a year or two. And, as one does, I’m going to make a blog.

While Jekyll has been good to me for this blog, what I want is something that is more flexible, and something I don’t have to write in markdown in VSCode and push changes.

No, I want dead-easy, drag-and-drop, flexible, mobile-friendly, and fast.

I want to be able to move images where I want them, add sounds of city streets as someone reads a post, be able to draw arrows right on the page to point to something interesting.

I want to be able to keep my family and friends up to date when a new post is there and know where I am in the world, give them the ability to add suggestions – make posts multiplayer.

There are a few platforms out there that embody similar ideals, and I’m trying to create a mashup of them.

My inspiration is coming from sites like:

So, let’s get cracking!

October 27, 2023

I’ve already laid the groundwork for text and images. Namely, I’ve been able to integrate the TipTap editor into a new element, and select images.

Things like copy/paste, delete, resize, and drag to position are also in.

The main challenge right now is getting the elements to look right on both desktop and mobile. The idea is be able to specify where I’d want the element to be on the desktop and where I want it on mobile, if at all. Something like visual breakpoints for each element. By default, it would be a fixed element that, as the screen size shrinks, it goes off the page if outside the bounds.

Accidental Italian flag during testing for boundaries, but quite pleased with how the drag and drop functionality is coming! I can feel it's getting easier to put things down and get it going.

— Ian (@laskyio) October 26, 2023